Consumers are sometimes harmed as a result of corporate greed or misconduct. The attorneys at DPLO are experienced in prosecuting such malfeasance, and obtaining real results which include putting a stop to the unlawful conduct and obtaining restitution for those injured. Often many consumers have been harmed in the same way, which makes it appropriate to pursue legal recourse on a class action basis. A class action allows a group of similarly situated people to seek relief in the courts in a single case for corporate wrongdoing.

The attorneys at DPLO are experienced in prosecuting consumer class actions. We believe that such actions are essential to protecting consumers in the marketplace. Representative cases include against telecommunication companies for hidden and unlawful charges, and cases against financial institutions for predatory lending practices such as unfair mortgage loans, excessive credit card fees and abusive debt collection practices.

If you feel you have been the victim of an unlawful consumer practice, please contact us.