Thomas Duckworth

Since 1996, Tom Duckworth has exclusively litigated a broad spectrum of employment cases on behalf of both businesses and individuals. Mr. Duckworth’s business clients included Sharper Image, Jamba Juice, SP Carpet Pros and a host of other small businesses. Mr. Duckworth also represented and continues to represent individuals in a variety of employment related matters including discrimination, wrongful termination, contract negotiations, wage and hour and class action cases. Because of his familiarity with both sides of an employment case, Mr. Duckworth has proven himself to be well suited to mediate such cases. Mr. Duckworth has been facilitating early settlement conferences as a panelist for the San Francisco Superior Court since 1998. He has also received over 40 hours of intensive mediation training with Steven Rosenberg. He is now focusing his efforts on private mediations of employment disputes.