DPLO Mediation Services

Tom DuckworthMark Peters, and Monique Olivier all work regularly as private mediators, and likewise serve on various court mediation panels throughout the bay area. Tom, Mark and Monique have litigated hundreds of cases on behalf of plaintiffs, in addition to representing small and mid-sized employers on occasion over the years, and in so doing have gained insight and invaluable experience that allows them to understand the often-times unique issues confronted by parties involved in litigation or pre-litigation employment disputes. They have successfully taken their experience and channeled it in a constructive way allowing them to succeed as mediators, who can appreciate and understand the perspective of all parties to the mediation process. Their approach emphasizes collaboration and facilitation among the parties to help them find their resolution in the matter.

For more information about the mediation services each provides, please visit TomMark, or Monique’s mediation bio pages or contact them directly if there are any additional questions or to reserve a mediation date.

Mediation Location

Our offices can accommodate up to four separate parties, with a large conference room which can accommodate ten people comfortably, a second conference room which can accommodate six comfortably, and two small offices which can accommodate 3–4 people in each. If larger or additional parties are involved, please let us know ahead of time so we can discuss alternative arrangements. Tom, Mark and Monique are also available for mediations throughout the bay area and California.